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We love to share our exceptional family experiences and travel memory making moments with our audience.


We are always looking for new adventures and stories to share and we welcome the opportunity to hear your partnership ideas.

Here are some examples of the ways we have partnered with like-minded brands in the past and we are open to new ideas too!

  • Sponsored Resort and Destination Visits

  • Sponsored Hotel Visits

  • Social Media Campaigns

  • Sponsored Posts

  • Brand Ambassadorship

  • Speaker Engagements

  • Video Creation

  • Virtual Reality Video Creation

Travel Resort  and Destination Visits & Promotion

Some of our most popular posts have been helping to promote exceptional family-friendly destinations, resorts, and activities. We would love to help promote yours too! We travel together as a family of four to showcase all there is to see and do for families with children in all age groups.

For more information on any of the above, including current availability and rates, please email or use the contact form on this page.

Let's Work Together

We can help you develop a marketing strategy that reaches your direct, targeted market more effectively.

The field of marketing communications is plagued by endless hype. But the truth is relationships are ultimately won and maintained through performance. Not by slick, expensive marketing campaigns.


That said, marketing communications will help you initiate connections with the customers you want, but only if you use good, sound travel marketing strategies.


Consider that today prospects are much more educated about travel marketing techniques than they were decades ago. They’re also exposed to hundreds (maybe thousands) of marketing messages every single day. In short, they know the drill.

The result is that travel marketers who rely on old techniques developed by the advertising industry are like magicians trying to perform a magic trick for an audience that knows how it’s done.

Picture this: Your prospects are staring at you with a frown saying,“Go ahead. Try to convince me.”

That’s essentially what you’re faced with, and most travel marketing fails miserably in breaking through that cynicism.


So how do you break through?

In today’s business climate persuading prospects to take action is harder than ever. In fact, just getting their attention can be challenging.

Prospects and customers are much less inclined to participate in your sales process than they were 10 or 15 years ago. Successful companies understand that establishing a beachhead for effective engagement with buyers requires accurate market intelligence, effective strategy, and compelling support materials.


Experience This 360's associates provide marketing services and have done so for over 15 years.

I already have a Advertising and Online Marketing Strategy


Excellent. You are ahead of the game. Now let us work together to formulate a plan to implement your marketing material within our content. There are numerous strategies as outlined below, but even if you don't have marketing copy in place, we can help:

Destination Guides

Our Destination Guides are essentially an online travel articles that showcase and highlight different geographical areas and focus in on travel excursions, must-see attractions, restaurants and accommodations. In addition, we also write short, specific articles about products, services and attractions as well as news in the travel industry. Showcase your Travel Destination, Service or Product in Our Destination Guide.

Travel Podcasts

Podcasting is new and exciting means of directly reaching your audience. In the United States alone over 67 Million Podcasts are listened to each month; 93% listen to the entire podcast meaning there is little drop out rates; 63% indicate they listen more closely to the advertising on podcasts making the ads themselves more effective; and podcasts drive nearly 2X the amount of ad awareness compared to Facebook.

Podcasts are known for their credibility and authenticity among loyal listeners and the Magid Research study shows that can pay dividends for advertisers. More than four in ten podcast consumers (41%) said they looked up the item or service that was advertised in the podcast.


“Advertising within podcasts is not only contextually relevant but more integrated into the content and therefore the consumer is much more often engaged in both the content and the advertising than they are on other platforms,” Jill Rosengard Hill, executive VP at Magid says.


“Podcasts and the ads within them are often highly relevant to one another. The creative and the voice is contextual and integrated into the content and that’s what makes it so much more impactful, effective and powerful than other platforms.”

The study turned up exceptionally high ad reactions among podcast consumers. Beyond the 41% of consumers looking up an advertised item, nearly three in ten said they purchased the item or service and one-fourth indicated they tried the advertised item or service. Almost one in four said they visited the advertised store.

One reason why these numbers are so astonishingly high has to do with the hyper-targeted nature of the podcast medium, the tight integration between content and advertising and the intimate relationship between the podcast host and his or her listeners.


“Advertising in broad reach mediums often drives awareness more effectively than advertising in targeted mediums,” Hill continues. “And because of the relevance of the ad to the listener, because of the content in which they’re listening to it, they’re more likely to be in the consideration set for that product or brand and therefore more likely to take action.”

Advertise in Traditional Means on Our Web Site

Although less effective on its own, this traditional means of advertising in terms of online text ads, banner ads etc. can also be featured on Experience This 360. However, to make the most of your marketing efforts we strongly suggest a combination approach that includes inclusion in a Destination Guide and a Travel Podcast that relates directly to your business or product.

We only work with trusted businesses, services and products. If we do not truly believe in your business, service or product, we will not work with you. Our audience is very important to us.

Ready to take your travel marketing to the next step? We can help you develop a marketing strategy that reaches your direct, targeted market more effectively.

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  • Princess Cruise Lines

  • Hotels.com

  • Kayak

  • Booking.com

  • Vegas.com

  • High Sierra

  • Good Sam Parks

  • Travelpod

  • Kobo

  • Last Minute Travel

  • Carrental8

  • The Luggage Guy

  • Tripping.com

  • Camping World

  • Dress Lily

  • World Nomads

  • Bridlewood Publishing

  • Viator, a Tripadvisor Company

  • Go City Cards

  • Amazon.com

  • Grand Canyon West

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