10 Pro Tips To Save In Las Vegas

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Las Vegas always seems to reinvent itself and with each year millions upon millions of tourists from around the world flock to the destination to find something new and exciting in Sin City – from amazing shows and theatre to high-end eats – Vegas has it all.

The history and legends surrounding Las Vegas are insane and so are the myths. Las Vegas is probably one of the most inexpensive vacations one can book. Routinely, hotels and flights in Vegas are thrown on sale to entice tourism. Rooms can go for as low as $23 a night and flights sometimes discount as much as 20% from several US and Canadian cities.

But the savings one was excited about upfront quickly diminish once on the ground in Las Vegas - unless you have inside knowledge about how the city works.

We'll show you when and how to book a hotel room, how to find a cheap flight, how to get free food, show tickets and spa treatments all while saving money on a convertible to drive up and down the strip.

Tip #1 Booking a Room There are nearly 170,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas and many more rental apartments and bed and breakfasts. The inventory is absolutely amazing from all manners of accommodations, and rooms booked mid-week see a reduction as much as 95%.

A room that was $320 a night, suddenly becomes $79 on a Tuesday!

You can use our Hotel Room Finder to see what inventory is available.

Alternatively, Hotels.com, Kayak.com and Booking.com seem to have the best options of mid to high-end rooms and often have immediate discounts of up to 40%.

When you find a hotel and room you desire, book a room that isn't exactly what you want. Go for a standard room and when you arrive at check in, as if they have any upgrades available at a discount. More often then not, if the inventory is low, the hotel would like to make a few more bucks and they will offer up a room that generally is a $100 a night upgrade for as little as $10 a night. It is a gamble, but, after all, you are in Vegas.

But before you dive in looking for deals on hotel rooms in Las Vegas, check the Las Vegas Convention Calendar. On some days there are multiple, massive conventions and they take up rooms like mad. Avoid those days and you'll avoid crowds and inflated prices.

Tip #2 Finding the Right Flight All major US and Canadian airlines fly to Las Vegas and they know that many visitors sometimes hit Las Vegas for a simple weekend get-a-away.

If you're coming from the West Coast, take the first flight in on Saturday morning and fly out Monday. Your Sunday night hotel bill will be less than a Friday night stay and your flight will be less expensive too, as the Friday/Sunday combo is the pairing most airlines charge a premium for. You can use our Cheap Flight Finder to see what flights are available from thousands of carriers.

Tip #3 Car Rentals & Transportation Nearly all the hotels in Las Vegas are within 15 minutes of the airport, so a car rental is not necessary unless you are planning to drive up and down the strip, or take in sites like the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead or play a few rounds at the local golf clubs. Car Rental in Vegas is generally priced lower than other major centers. We suggest using mycarrental.com to compare and find the cheapest rental available in Las Vegas.

Taxis are more pricey than expected and we suggest only using them if necessary. Las Vegas also caters to Lyft and Uber for those looking for a cheaper alternative to a Taxi.

Tip #3 Reward Cards Nearly all hotel properties in Las Vegas have a rewards card and you may wish to consider joining them. They are all free and you can start acquiring points and benefits for the money you spend on their respected property - from dining to entertainment to gaming. The largest include MGM Mlife Rewards (12 resorts in Vegas), Station Casinos' My Rewards (11 resorts), Caesars Total Rewards (10 resorts) and Boyd Gaming's B Connected (7 resorts). Building up points can be an excellent way to get a discount on a show, a free dinner or an upgrade to your next Vegas vacation. If you are travelling as a group, get one rewards card and make sure everyone uses it. You won't believe how much you will acquire and then it is up to you, if you want to share the rewards.

Tip #4 Free Spa Access Depending on the Hotel you have booked you may want to inquire about their spa. You may need to look over a spa menu and decide on a future massage or facial treatment, but just for inquiring, many hotels will be encouraged that you will spend money at their spa and offer you free spa access to spa amenities -- which could include drinks, steam rooms, private plunge pools and light food. Of course, all this pampering might get you in the mood to book a foot massage or chocolate body wrap.

Tip #5 How to Get Into Popular Restaurants The food scene in Las Vegas is ever growing and popular restaurants are usually booked solid leaving travellers disappointed. If you have not made a reservation, make sure you show up earlier than dinner hours are served and ask to be sat in the lounge. They are expecting you to have a few drinks and perhaps an appetiser, but no one blinks and eye when you order from the regular menu.

Tip #6 Get Social; Get Freebies What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...but make sure you announce to the world where and what you are doing before, during and after your trip. Use hashtags #vegas and #whatever your destination, club, show, hotel, restaurant, tour is. This will get the attention of promoters and concierges. You may get offers and discounts as a result.

Tip #7 When to Buy Show Tickets Friday is one of the best nights to find tickets and entertainment deals in Las Vegas. Conventions and corporate events can eat up tickets during the week for popular shows -- and weekend warriors often don't want to go right to a show when they first arrive in town on Friday night so there are always left over tickets highly discounted.

Tip #8 Golf Cheap Las Vegas has many of the world's top courses and usually to play golf costs a handsome amount. But save here by booking your tee time in the afternoon hours where you can get a 50%-70% discount.

Tip #9 Visit the Grand Canyon and Do Tours Cheap The Grand Canyon is a lot closer than you think. The West Rim is just a two-hour drive from Vegas and we suggest checking out Grand Canyon West to get excellent discounts on a number of Grand Canyon attractions including helicopter rides, white water rafting and much more!

Tip #10 Get Vegas Perks The myth that Vegas hands out perks to every visitor is often crushed with first time visitors. You will get accosted by over anxious time-share sales people offering you a free show ticket if you just spend 4 hours in a high pressure sales presentation. Ignore these at all costs.

One Vegas expert tells us that you need to spend on average $5 in a casino to get a free soda, $60 to get a free alcoholic beverage and $2000 to get a free room. Of course, the house always wins.

But there is a pretty cool web site that allows you to choose your Vegas Perks, and you guessed it, it is called Vegasperks.com It is a pretty simple web site and it basically gets you half price shows and dining. Take for example their most inexpensive offering: a dinner and a show at Planet Hollywood is only $12.

Bonus Tips To Save More!

If you are in Las Vegas for the entertainment and not just gambling then you need to pick up a Las Vegas Go Card. Basically you get to sight-see Vegas, your way and save up to 65% off the ticket price of over 35 attractions and tours!

If you are looking for unique tours check out Viator to save up to 40% on one-of-a-kind tours.

If you are looking for all inclusive tours check out Tours4fun - they offer deep discounts on Las Vegas Tours from one day to a full 10 day tours.

Hopefully, all these tips will help you have a more enjoyable vacation in Las Vegas and we hope that Lady Luck is on your side!

Photos Courtesy of Daniil Vnoutchkov, Christine Siracusa and Tom Gainor

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