Air Canada Flight Pass offers unlimited domestic travel - is it worth it?

The new Infinite Canada Flight Pass is a limited time offer from Air Canada allowing passengers the opportunity to explore Canada with unlimited flights to and from many destinations.

But is it worth it?

First, let us break down the offer.

Air Canada has set in motion a pricing schedule that does not actually make much sense. You can purchase unlimited travel for one to three months, and there is no discount for the longer term.

If you wish to fly coach it will be $2260 per month, and if you upgrade to a better seat it can be as high as $5650.

For example: if you choose to fly for three months, the cost may be as low as $6780 or as high as nearly $17000.

That is a lot of money to be spending on flights!

There are some advantages, however, to consider. There are no black out days and you can book a flight up to an hour beforehand. There are also no cancellation fees attached, so if you plans change so be it.

Because the flights are domestic, users won’t be required to self-quarantine when they arrive at their destination or return home (with the exception of Atlantic Canada). However, travelers should consult the public health measures in place for a respective province or territory before travelling.  

Air Canada routes are in every major Canadian city across Canada and if you were thinking of exploring Canada this may be an option you consider. There are, however, much cheaper ways to do so.

Canada offers three domestic airlines that fly to nearly all identical locations within Canada. There is Westjet and Swoop airlines (both owned by the same company). Westjet offers slightly discounted rates compared to Air Canada and Swoop offers very low rates with nearly no frills.

If you were going to explore Canada and were going to take, for example a week in Vancouver, a week in Calgary and a week in Toronto. You would need four flights at least.

The total cost on average from Westjet would be about $1600.

The total cost on average from Swoop would be about $600.

Now if you are a business traveler this may make some sense to have an unlimited flight option, but if it is leisure travel you seek - it does not make a whole lot of sense. And be careful, read the fine print. You may not qualify for this offer if you fly for business or through your corporate account.

And the offer is only open to Canadian residents and members of Aeroplan for domestic travel within Canada. You also cannot use this to collect any membership reward points.

It is a rare offer too, which makes us really wonder about it. Is Air Canada trying to regain revenue and customers it lost during the Covid19 Lockdowns or are they trying to raise capital quickly?

The window for buying an Air Canada Infinite Canada Flight Pass is small. The pass is available for sale from September 16 to September 23, inclusive.

This again is odd. And is probably not going to make much difference to any traveler. It almost seems like the Air Canada Infinite Canada Flight Pass is simply a marketing gimmick.

If you are looking for flights within Canada check out our Cheap Flight Finder.


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