Banff Ave Brewing Company, Banff National Park, Alberta Review

"Drink Beer. Live Forever."

I like that slogan and I can live by it. But I would also add: "Eat Fish. Stay Strong." Don't worry, this will make sense if you keep reading :)

Founded in 2010, this established brewing company, right in the heart of banff, is a favorite of locals and delights tourists as well.

The Banff Ave Brewing Company is perched on the second floor of Banff Avenue in the heart of the destination mountain town of Banff, Alberta.

It is one of our favourite craft beer pubs in Alberta and perhaps all of Canada. There is a great selection of beers from seasonals, to one-offs to traditional flavors.

The only draw-back is the fact that this is a resort mountain town, and with it comes the added costs of food and drink. A traditional flight is priced at $16 compared to $8-10 elsewhere. But don't let this discourage you. You deserve to have great beer! And this isn't just any ol' beer - these are hand-crafted and are absolutely premium quality.

Our favourite beers are the Maple Nut Porter, Cool as a Cucumber Melon Sour and the Strawberry Pint'a Colado.

Current Drink Menu

RIDE OR DRY 4.8% ABV, 17 IBU The dry finish on this refreshing pilsner will make this your new favourite anytime beer. Hopped with Nelson Sauvin hops for a flavourful and unique white grape character. 5.75 | 8.25 | 12.75 | 25.50 BANFF AVE BLONDE ALE 4.5% ABV, 35 IBU A clean, crisp blonde ale with subtle herbal aromas and subdued bitterness. This beer is our year-round crowd pleaser. 5.50 | 8 | 12.50 | 25 BANFF AVE WHITE WIT 5.0% ABV, 12 IBU Our take on a classic Belgian white wheat ale. Spiced with a hint of citrus and coriander for a crisp and tart finish. Just do wit. 6 | 8.50 | 13 | 26 BANFF AVE BLACK PIL 4.9% ABV, 24 IBU Roasted German malts add character, flavour and colour to this classic German style schwarzbier. 6 | 8.50 | 13 | 26 POND HOCKEY PALE ALE 4.7% ABV, 48 IBU Brewed with Sorachi Ace hops, this pale ale is characterized by a light bitterness but is perfectly balanced on the palate. Enjoy the honey and lemongrass flavours of this sessionable beer. 5.75 | 8.25 | 12.75 | 25.50 HEAD SMASHED IPA 6.2% ABV, 75 IBU Our flagship IPA has a delicate bitterness and enough alcohol warmth to bring out the massive fruit, pine and citrus flavours from Australian and US hops. One for the progressive hop head. 6 | 8.50 | 13 | 26 BREWERS OAR ESB 5.1% ABV, 22 IBU Back by popular demand, this ale is nitrogen infused which adds a twist to the classic English style Extra Special Bitter. Enjoy its inviting creamy malt accents. 5.50 | 8 | 12.50 | 25 REVEREND RUNDLE STOUT 4.4% ABV, 26 IBU The hard and rich glacial water that is inherent to Banff balances perfectly with this rich, nitrogenated ale. Don’t be afraid of the dark – this smooth charismatic beer will surely convert many timid beer drinkers. 5.75 | 8.25 | 12.75 | 25.50 NORQUAY 94 HONEY BROWN 5.2% ABV, 17 IBU Brewed in collaboration with Mount Norquay Ski Resort. This brew uses both real honey and honey malt for a sweet finish and a complex honey character. Look for chocolate and caramel undertones as well. 5.50 | 8 | 12.50 | 25 MAPLE NUT PORTER 5.1% ABV, 24 IBU Brewed with real Canadian maple syrup and aged on cocoa beans and almonds, this roasty porter is a little bit sweet, and a little bit nutty. *Contains nuts 5.75 | 8.25 | 12.75 | 25.50 COOL AS A CUCUMBER MELON SOUR 4.1% ABV, 11 IBU Tart and refreshing, this kettle soured Gose is infused with cucumbers and watermelon for a fruity finish. Generous amounts of wheat malt and a hint of pink Himalayan sea salt come together in this unique style. 6 | 8.50 | 13 | 26 STRAWBERRY PINT’A COLADA 5.1% ABV, 16 IBU Brewed with strawberries and aged on toasted coconut, this golden ale is a fruity and flavourful sunshine-inspired sipper. A unique experimental hop variety further contributes to the coconut aroma.

5.75 | 8.25 | 12.75 | 25.50

Now what goes great with amazing beers? Amazing food of course! We paired our beer flights with two orders of fish and chips. After all, what goes best with Stout and Malt Vinegar?

This was the best fish and chip entree I have ever had. It is strange because Alberta is landlocked and shouldn't be known for their seafood! But this plate was absolutely delicious. For $20, you get two large Haddock fillets, battered golden brown, a massive amount of fresh french fries and homemade coleslaw. The serving is generous but it tastes so damn good, you finish it all even after a few pints!

Banff Ave Brewing Company also teamed up with their neighbor, Athena Pizza, to provide delicious pizza pies and more! The menu is actually very extensive, so if you are looking for traditional pub food, great handhelds or pizza, this is one of the best restaurants in Banff for lunch or dinner! You can check out the full food menu here.

If you are looking to refresh yourself with great beer or are looking for a boast of energy for all that Banff National Park has to offer we highly recommend a stop a the Banff Ave Brewing Company.

You can find them at 110 Banff Ave, 2nd Floor, Clocktower Village Mall in Banff Alberta.

For reservations call or email: 403-762-1003 ///

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