Cenote Maya Native Park Visitor's Guide

Updated: Sep 28

Cenote Maya Native Park is a hidden gem in the Mayan Jungle that boasts the largest Cenote on the Yucatan Peninsula. The property is several acres of flowering jungle with manicured pathways enticing you to enjoy nature and dive into adventure.

Before you can enter the Cenote a Mayan elder will perform a blessing to keep you safe inside the Cenote. Next, you will be taken to a changing area where towels and lockers are made available for free. Once changed you must take a very cold fresh water shower from a very primitive shower system. It is refreshing, especially if it is very hot and humid out.

The Cenote is large and deep with crystal clear water a the bottom to offer a refreshing swim. There are two ways to get into the Cenote, one is going down a pathway to a wooden staircase that winds down to a large platform in the water, where water tubes are available.

The best way to get into the Cenote is by repelling. You will be geared up with a harness and shown how to repell down into the cavernous Cenote through a window in the rock formation. If you are scared of heights this can be intimidating but the activity can be enjoyed by anyone. At the bottom a life guard will help you unhook and swim to the platform.

There are jungle ropes that you can balance on and try to push your friends off of and there are two zip lines into the water with one being fast and high, while the other is slower and has a shorter drop into the water.

Once you are done swimming you exit through a tunnel towards the surface with the jungle overgrowing the pathway back to the change rooms and a free dry towel. You will now be able to dry off and rest at a Small Bar. There is a souvenier shop and photo shop.

They don't allow any photography or videography inside the Cenote as to sell you their professional photographs later and this is a disappointment for those who want to create their own memories. The photos are sent electronically and are quite expensive ($20 USD each or $120 for the entire collection).

Getting to Cenote Maya Native Park

Getting to Cenote Maya Native Park can be a challenge if you are looking to visit on your own. It is literally hidden in the Mayan Jungle along the back roads.

If you take a taxi, expect the cost to be 2000 Pesos, or $110 USD from Cancun and Playa Del Carmen and about 560 Pesos, of $30 from Valladolid.

Alternatively, you can rent a car in any major city and travel here on your own. Remember to have a full tank of gas and plan your route ahead of time as getting lost on the back roads in the jungle frustrating and dangerous.

The cost to enter the park is a bit of a gamble. There is a posted sign with rates, but people pay all sorts of entrance fees that don't match not only the sign, but each other.

The posted cost is 935 Pesos, or $49.99 USD per person, but we found out that some people paid $20 less and $20 more!

Now here is a tip that is going to make your life a lot easier:

What if I told you that you can visit Cenote Maya Native Park for the price of a taxi and entrance fee PLUS you will be on a guided tour of one of the hidden secrets of the Mayans - the Ek Balam archaeological site. Here you will climb a very tall Mayan Pyramid right in the middle of the jungle. And on top of that, you will get a very good authentic Mayan lunch and beverages!

Normally, this tour is priced at $169 USD from the all-inclusive hotels but due to our relationship with tour operators if you follow this link or click the link below you will automatically get $20 USD off per person.

The tour lasts the entire day, so be prepared for adventure!

Tips to Make the Best of Cenote Maya Native Park

1. The park is open from 9:00 to 17:00 everyday with the last admission to the park at 15:00

2. The park is closed Sunday

3. Bring a camera, but remember you won't be able to bring it into the Cenote

4. You don't need a towel, as one will be provided for you

5. The Buffet Lunch is all-you-eat, so enjoy the handmade foods

6. Bring good walking shoes, but remember that water shoes are forbidden in the Cenote

7. Inner-tubes are available for children and poor swimmers on the platform

8. Everyone can repel, it is easy, so go this route for the best adventure

9. Don't wear sunscreen or bug spray as it spoils the fresh water

10. The lockers are large and you will be able to hold everything you bring

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