Cheap Travel Backpack Review - the Protector Plus 40L Backpack

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Welcome to Experience This 360. Today we are going to do a quick review of one of the cheapest and best backpacks we've come across online.

The Protector Plus 40 L backpack is an ideal travel companion that meets most airline carry-on requirements and also makes for an excellent day bag or day hiking backpack.

We purchased the the bag for an incredibly low price of $16.33 US with free shipping from Outdoor Hunting, an Amazon Storefront.

The bag is advertised as a Tactical MOLLE Assault Backpack Daypack Military Gear Rucksack Large Waterproof Bag Pack Sport Outdoor for Hunting Camping Trekking Cycling and is dark brown.

That was a mouthful. But let's try to break that down.

The backpack does not have any Molle on it, anywhere. And it is probably because of cost. Molle is expensive to sew and produce and incorporate on a backpack. The least expensive Protector Plus backpack with actual Molle features is $40. And, honestly, I would not trust a $40 backpack to hold my gear if I was using a Molle system. Good Molle backpacks in this size range from $70-200.

And that is essentially why this is a good back pack for short hikes and even as a carry-on when traveling.

The chest sliding adjustment system can quickly adjust and helps relieve shoulder stress. The 3D honeycomb breathable mesh and cushions promotes the circulation of air, is breathable and comfortable even with some weight.

The bag is approx. 11.8"L x 19.7"H x 5.9-8.7"D The Shoulder Strap is approx. 35.4" at the max. The volume: is approx. 40L and the empty bag is about 2.2 pounds.

The back pack is breathable, waterproof and made of high strength abrasion nylon durable fabrics. While the bag is waterproof, again, this is not a bag meant to be used in pouring rain or taken into the rainforest. Zippers and hardware are of good quality and it appears as if it the bag will hold a 14” laptop in the inner section with many other pockets and compartments for clothing and other valuables.

The color description is given as dark brown, but the bag really is more a light military brown.

Consider it a pretty decent backpack and probably the best bang for your buck if you are on a budget. Shipping thru Amazon was quick and effortless.

Purchase the Protector Plus 40L Backpack or check out other travel backpacks and accessories from Outdoor Hunting.

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