Chukka Tours Jamaica: Ocho Rios Horseback Ride and Swim Review

Chukka Tours is known for high-quality and safe tours in Jamaica, Belize, St. Lucia, Dominican Republic and many other places in the Caribbean.

One of the most memorable tours we have done with Chukka Tours is the Ocho Rios Horseback Ride and Swim.

We started off being picked up by a small van at our all-inclusive resort and driven about 20 minutes to a ranch off the side of the main highway leading past Ocho Rios. Here, in the green pastures we saw multitude of horses, stables and workers brushing and caring for the horses.

We disembarked the van and quickly got into gear - a helmet. Instructors and guides were fantastic, explaining which horse we would ride and their personality.

Of course the guide set me up with a horse named Rocket.

"He is fast mon," he said. "Fast and a little crazy. Like a rocket."

And as I climbed up, he decided to try to bite the other horses. He was wiggling and anxious to get going. My stirrups needed more adjusting and so the group of about six horses with my family went on ahead. They were a good distance and when my adjustment was completed the guide rode off ahead as he slapped the back of the horse's rear sending Rocket into a run.

And Rocket was fast.

All I could hear was the guide laughing and screaming "Hang on!"

He must have thought that dad here wants more adventure and thrills than simply riding a horse through a rainforest and into the Caribbean Ocean. And he was right, kinda. Rocket's personality got a long good with mine.

He was a very good horse and the guide explained that Rocket was one of many ex-race horses that were saved from slaughter and brought here to the ranch for tours.

My family were on very gentle, easy riding horses. Rocket smelled the ocean ahead and bolted with me. I gave him the lead, and encouraged him. He splashed into the ocean and started his swim.

Indeed, Rocket and I both love the ocean. The horses swam about and cooled off in the water. It was very hard when Rocket swam fast as my legs were being brushed back against him and the water pressure was intense.

The other horses were calm and gently swimming about but soon Rocket tired and stood still. And on the ride back he was a sweet and gentle horse that galloped and trotted whenever I wanted.

You will ride through two of Jamaica's oldest estates, Richmond and Llandovery and by coves and vistas where the movies “Return to Treasure Island - 1985” and “Passion and Paradise - 1988” were filmed.

The tour was fantastic, from start to finish, providing an amazing experience of riding horses onto the beach and into the Caribbean Ocean.

Things to Remember:

  • The Tour is Fully Guided

  • Minimum Age is 6

  • Maximum Weight is 230 Pounds

  • Bring suntan lotion and a towel

  • Bring swimwear and closed toe water shoes

  • Bring cash or credit for souvenir photos or gift purchases

  • Water is available on site

You can book your Chukka Tour Horseback Adventure below. The tour is exclusive to Chukka Tours and not available anywhere else. If you do book, it includes transportation to and from your hotel. The tour starts in St. Ann's Parish and may last up to 2 hours. If you have your own transportation arrive 20 minutes beforehand and free parking is available.

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