Chukka Tours Jamaica: White River Tubing Adventure Review

The White River Tubing Excursion starts off at a 17th century landmark - The Spanish Bridge. Here, you will get your gear which includes a life jacket, helmet and large tube. But before you even get to this remote part of Jamaica, you will take a ride in a jeep or truck down some pretty crazy jungle roads. Hang on!

The starting area of the White River Tubing Adventure is calm and once in the refreshing waters guides will go over what is to be expected and safety protocols. The tours is designed to be fun and exhilarating as you navigate down the White River in St. Mary's Perish for about 3 miles. The tour lasts about 1.5 hours and is totally safe with and abundance of guides riding along with you down the river.

The water is an amazing shade of blue surrounded by banks of emerald forests and jungles. Birds and animals can be seen on the shoreline and high up in the canopy as well as bamboo and coconut plantations.

The river widens and narrows and does have some rapids as well as a small waterfall slide that quickly pushes your speed down the river.

The tour guides are excellent, keeping everyone safe and entertained.

Tips for Tubing The White River in Jamaica:

  • bring sunscreen even on a cloud day

  • a complimentary beverage is available

  • bring a light snack

  • bring money and credit card for photos and souvenirs

  • wear shorts, sneakers or flexible water shoes

  • you must be 6 years of age or older to take this tour

  • there is a weight limit of 265 pounds to take this tour

The tour is usually combined with other excursions in the area but it typically about $120-140USD per person which includes transportation to and from your hotel.

For the best possible price check the link below:

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