Corona Virus (Covid-19) Travel Predictions

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

As the Corona Virus or Covid-19 spreads across the world and reaches each and every country, travel and tourism will take a long time to recover.

One in ten jobs in the world is related to travel and tourism and one in five new jobs was created by travel and tourism.

The global pandemic has certainly changed the landscape.

It is estimated by professionals that a recovery is months if not years away. This does not mean that you should abandon your dreams of travel, but be aware that it will probably change drastically.

Asia was a huge travel destination and even after we recover from the global pandemic, Asia will be considered one to those taboo locations. Likewise, with all the cruise ship mishaps and infections during the crisis, bookings will prove to be very low, especially in the early part of our recovery.

Airlines have suffered greatly, limiting or grounding their entire fleets. In 2018, even before the Corona Virus Pandemic 32 airlines went out of business, some of them larger carriers. We will most definitely see a lot less airlines flying in the near future.

Hotels, just like airlines have suffered also with occupancy rates so low in early 2019, that major hotels such as the MGM Grand simply closed up shop to await a better future.

So what does this mean to you? Does this mean you will not travel in the near future? Or plan that dream vacation? Of course not.

But it does mean that things will change and these are our expert opinions on what to expect:

a. Destinations hard hit by the Corona Virus such as Asia, Italy and Spain will offer up steep discounts to get you to travel to their locations. Five star hotels will be discounted so heavily that you will pay 1/5th the price. Museums and tourists destinations will not be busy, allowing you to enjoy them more freely.

b. Local travel and travel within ones own country will be very popular as fear and concern will still linger. Expect more staycations and vacations within driving distance. This means that more people will opt for road trips and day or two day trips away from home - just to be safe.

c. With airlines coming on board as we recover, airfares will be discounted to gain the trust of travellers, but once the bookings gradually come back, expect a sharp rise in prices as there will be less competition flying to and from your particular destination.

d. Hotels will offer discounts from 50-70% off to entice travellers to stay with them in the early part of our recover but similar to airlines, once their bookings recover, expect the prices to go up to more sustainable levels for their business.

e. All airports and travel destinations will improve health security with more scrutiny placed on health and safety of travellers and screening officers. This will slow down lines at airports and ports of entry, but will prove to identify threats and emerging health issues beforehand.

f. Airlines and airports will be more vigilant in cleaning of the aircraft and airport terminals to provide assurances that your health is being considered a priority. Passengers will develop better hygiene routines and take it upon themselves (as they should) to clean their own space on the aircraft. Expect minor delays as a result of cleaning staff taking extra time and passengers, like yourself, doubling up the disinfecting.

g. Travellers will more likely opt to purchase travel insurance to cover all unexpected outcomes such as illness and accidents.

h. Travellers and vacationers will slowly come back around and the industry will recover slowly. This is your opportunity to grab a deal as they recover. The travel and tourism industry will want to gain your business and your future business so expect better customer service as well as discounted prices.

i. Many small tour operators and vacation planners will cease to exist. If you are keen in getting into the travel and tourism space, this may be an opportunity for you as the recovery begins.

Your dreams of adventure and travel should not be crushed. As you are home in self-isolation, quarantine and practising social-distancing, jot down the places you would like to see and places you would like to travel to. In the near future, I guarantee, you will get there!

Happy (Future) Travels, and wash your hands!


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