San Diego Destination Guide Part Seven San Diego in One Week

Updated: Sep 28

On this episode we will go over a recommended itinerary for visiting San Diego for one week and also some tips for families, couples and solo travellers. A week should give you enough time to enjoy most of the recommended attractions and also give you enough time to relax inbetween. It really doesn't matter where you are staying in San Diego, as most of the major attractions are within easy driving distance.

Day One: On your first day, I would visit La Jolla and spend the entire day in the beach side community. Here you will enjoy the waterfront, and be close to a lot of exciting attractions and adventures.

Day Two: The second day, take in the San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park.

Day Three: The third day I would go onto the harbour front, visit the USS Midway and The Maritime Museum.

Day Four: Beach Hopping. Take a tour of all the beaches, from Coronado to Ocean and Pacific. All these beaches have a unique vibe great opportunities to mix with locals and enjoy activities.

Day Five: Seaworld Amusement Park, plan a day trip here, but alternatively you could visit San Diego Safari Park.

Day Six: Take a Harbour tour of San Diego, then go across into Mexico to Tijuana to enjoy more shopping, beaches and authentic Mexican culture.

Day Seven: San Diego Old Town and then the Gas Lamp District for evening fun.

If you are traveling with a family and young ones are in tow, there are certain other activities that I would recommend. Certainly, Legoland is a must, as is the adjoining waterpark. You will also enjoy taking them to Scripts Aquarium and visiting real tidepools. Young ones are also eager learners when it comes to surfing, so try taking a family surf lesson. And a quick drive up the coast will make every little one's dream come true when you take them to Disneyland.

Couples and solo travelers will note that San Diego has a lot of wine outlets and craft brewhouses. Take advantage of the laid back atmosphere but don't forget there are some really cool outdoor adventures waiting for you. From surfing, to sea kayaking in sea caves to paragliding. There are so many cool places to hike, to bike and to enjoy the outdoors you will never find idle time. For couples there are a lot of romantic locations in San Diego from underground fairy-tale wine bars to patios overlooking the ocean and amazing sunsets, you'll not only find happiness here, but romance.

If you are traveling solo, San Diego for the most part is a very safe city. Most of the inhabitants are retired military men and women. There are certainly parts of the city where you would want to take more caution, especially at night, but all of the areas we recommended are totally safe for a solo traveler.

Sometimes, attractions can cost a premium for individuals, so if you see a family or group of tourists ask if you can join their group and perhaps even get a group discount. And if you are a solo traveler looking to keep things under budget there are some less expensive hostels available throughout the area.

I hope you enjoyed these episodes on San Diego and if you have any questions pop by our Facebook page and we'll try to answer them.

Until next time, Happy Travels.

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