Travel Gear - Cooau Action Camera Review

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

The Cooau Action Camera (CU-SPC06) is advertised as an all-in-everything action camera capable of delivering quality photos and video of your travels and everyday adventures.

But does it stack up? Is it as good as a Go Pro Action Camera?

With a name I hardly could pronounce and a price tag that was well below other action cameras I was highly skeptical this camera would be anything spectacular. I've owned off-brand equipment before, and they nearly always fall into two categories: a. they work, but usually perform very poorly and b. they are complete garbage.

And honestly I was expecting the Cooau Action Camera to fall into one of these categories even though there are several hundreds of Amazon reviews stating that the camera is pretty darn good.

I ordered the Cooau Action Camera to act as a secondary camera that is light and easily carried on long hikes and treks. I also wanted to use it as a web cam for my office (which it was advertised to be able to do.)

The Cooau Action Camera shipped within five days and arrived in a small box filled with camera accessories, adapters and even a solidly built waterproof casing.

The camera is tiny and very light and came with two sets of batteries and remote. The little camera basically came with everything you need and much, much more.

And unlike a Go Pro Action Camera that retails for about $300-400 depending on the type, this Cooau Action Camera was only $60.

And it came with about $50 worth of extras making for one inexpensive camera.

The stats for the Cooau Action Camera are pretty decent:

Image Sensor


Video Resolution

4K 30FPS

2.7K 30FPS

1080p 30FPS

1080p 60FPS

720p 120FPS

Photo Resolution







2.4G Apple and Android Compatible

AntiShake EIS System


Built in and External Plug

Waterproof Depth

Up to 40M

Memory Card

(Not Included) but up to 64GB

Setting up the camera was a breeze and the menu system is simple and intuitive. The instruction manual is in English and other languages and unlike other products, it is written and edited well.

To set up the camera as a web cam I needed to contact support as this isn't a main use for action cameras. Once contacted, the next day I received an email with instructions to set up new firmware. The process was simple and it worked. Support was fast and efficient and followed up later to see if I needed any additional help.

Again, for this type of product I would expect support to be non-existent but this manufacturer appears to be in the business to maintain long term consumers and to build their brand name.

I brought the camera on a simple hike to a lost and abandoned cemetery high above the ridges in the badlands of the Drumheller area. It was light, easy to hold and operate - just what I needed instead of a bulky DSLR or video camera.

The video footage turned out impressive at 4K with a slight fish-eye effect. The video stabilization worked well and the sound quality with the built in microphone was good.

It was crazy windy on top of the mesa and without a wind sock and an external microphone handy, the internal mic could not provide clean sound. This is by no fault of the microphone or sound processor.

I am thoroughly impressed by this little camera. It is light weight, inexpensive, provides excellent footage and has a support team behind them in case you need help.

If you are looking to purchase an action or sports camera, the Cooau is a perfect choice. If you need multiple cameras or are doing some extreme sports, the price of this camera may be well worth it.

I have yet to use all the accessories in the box and look forward to trying out the time lapse feature.

This is a great low-budget action camera but also with great quality on its pictures and videos. It can record up to 4K resolution which is resolution a lot of cheap action cameras lack.

The COOAU 4K comes with two batteries that the camera includes when purchased. With both, you could reach up to 3 hours of recording without any problems. Which is a great feature they incorporated.

In addition, the 170º angle provides a wide view so that the images and pictures obtained to achieve realism worthy of much more expensive cameras.

There are not many retailers who have Cooau cameras on their shelves or even in stock due to their exclusive relationship contracts with other brand names. Amazon is probably your best choice when purchasing this camera.


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