Unique Stays: The Jumbo Jet Hotel

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Welcome onboard the world's first Boeing 747-200 Jumbo Jet converted into an up market unique stay for the discerning traveler!

Yes, the world's first Jumbo Jet turned into a hotel with bar and restaurant aboard.

Jumbo Stay and Jumbo Bar & Restaurant is only a 6 minute ride with the free shuttle bus from the terminals at Arlanda Airport in Stolkholm, Sweden.

It is perfect for anyone catching an early flight and does not want to get out of bed before dawn to make it to the airport in time. Now you can easily book a night at Jumbo Stay prior to your departure for an extraordinary experience before beginning of your trip - as well as relaxation.

Jumbo Stay offers 29 comfortable rooms with single, two and three bed private rooms or two and four bed dormitories. All together, the hostel offers 61 beds; the most luxurious is to be found on the planes upper deck which boasts an exclusive Cockpit suite with private shower and toilet. The rooms are approximately six square meters in size and measure nearly four meters from floor to ceiling.

Each room has a flat screen TV and everywhere in the jumbo jet you have access to wireless broadband. Jumbo Stay is also equipped and fitted with five modern bathroom and toilet facilities on the main deck, which are also accessible for handicapped guests.

Jumbo Stay is open and staffed 24 hrs around the clock by one of the Jumbo crew members, to make it convenient for guests leaving and arriving at different times. We also sell food, light snacks and beverages at our Jumbo Bar & Restaurant. For those who have brought their own food we have two microwave ovens available for your convenience.

Breakfast is served from three o'clock in the morning.

If you are looking to stay in the Jumbo Jet or are looking for other unique experiences like this, check out Hostelworld.com

Recent Jumbo Stay Reviews:

"Hands down craziest hostel I've ever stayed in, your sleeping in a plane converted into a hostel!!?? Great staff, clean rooms and bathrooms, actual tv and common areas. Decent FREE breakfasts. Only downside is your far from the city but a short bus ride and you will be there, however your close to the airport and if youre looking for food it's close by. Overall I would stay at this hostel again and would recommend it to anyone."

"Staying in a jumbo jet is not what one gets to do often. This property is ideal for a quick stay near Arlanda. There is a shuttle to/from all terminals of Arlanda (takes between 10-15 min depending on the terminal). I had booked a turbine room (under the wing) but opted to change to a room in the main body as it was cold and I did not fancy a walk to the restroom at night (in case nature called) through the cold. The room was small-ish but comfortable and the bathrooms were neat and clean and the wifi was good. You can have a small meal in the lobby and the breakfast is also enough to keep you going for a few hours. If you get the chance - stay here. Not often than you get a flat bed on a plane for so cheap :)”

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