Where You Should Travel This Winter, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This winter we are consulting the stars to see where you should travel to. Take a peek at your Zodiac Sign to see where you should travel to.


Aries are adventurous and a little crazy at times on vacation. They are not wanting to sit beside a pool and drink or lounge around at the beach. They want to get out, in the sun, and explore via jungle treks or hikes around an exotic village.

Aries' perfect vacation this winter is to explore Guatemala in Central America. Their adventurous and outright fiery personality will mesh well with riding The Chicken Bus, Exploring the Mayan Ruins of Tikal, Hiking up fiery volcanoes and splashing in the natural pools at Semuc Champey.


Taurus' love to be pampered and indulge in luxury travel. They are looking for posh restaurants and hotels and demand service be triple A. Taurus doesn't mind sleeping in on vacation as long as shopping and nightlife follow.

Taurus' perfect vacation this winter is Benidorm, Spain. They will not only enjoy the lavish beachfront hotels but indulge in five-star restaurants connected to amazing shopping districts and boutiques.


Gemini's need excitement and lots of it. Activities and excursions are a must on Gemini's vacation bucket list. They are super-friendly and don't mind hanging with locals to find the best places to enjoy.

Gemini's perfect get-away this winter is Thailand where they can mingle with the friendly locals and find amazing activities to do all day long such as going island hopping on a private boat, get a tradition Sak Yant Tattoo, visit a floating market and perhaps even drive a Tuk Tuk to tour the street food vendors.


Cancers love to eat and will indulge on food more so than any other expense related to travel. They don't mind, however, to cook their own meals in hotels that have kitchens. They don't mind any activity or adventure as long as their belly is full.

Cancer's perfect vacation this winter is to Mendoza, Argentina where they will savour wine and good food among the magnificent views of the Andes Mountains.


Leos love to explore and roam in wide open places. They love to learn about the land and the history around it. They don't care too much about hotels and restaurants as long as they are safe and comfortable.

Leo's perfect vacation this winter is to Tanzania to take in all the country has to offer from amazing safari adventures, hiking up and around Mount Kilimanjaro, and then relaxing on the beachfront in Zanzibar.


Virgo deem travel as something that needs to be planned and executed months ahead. It needs to have an itinerary and be near perfect. They don't mind adventure, but it needs to be well planned and executed.

Virgo's perfect vacation this winter is to Germany aboard a pre-planned river cruise on the Rhine that has shore excursions and tours already set and ready.


Libra's love balance and nature. They don't mind spending money on travel that provides balance and harmony with nature. They like to keep moving and exploring.

That is why the perfect vacation for Libra this winter is Costa Rica where they can feel one with nature while in a modern luxury resort. In Costa Rica they can explore the rain forest, find secret water falls and then return in the evening for fine dining.


Scorpios have a desire to explore remote places but to find the beauty in well-travelled locales. Scorpios love the sun and the sand and don't mind just listening to the waves or splashing around in them. They want everything included - the beach, the food, the activities. Planning is not part of the fun for Scorpio.

Scorpio's perfect vacation spot this winter is Tulum, Mexico where they can find white sand beaches and fantastic tacos. There is jungle and remote islands to explore as well as nature-theme parks and Tulum has some fantastic all-inclusive resorts - perfect for Scorpio.


Sagittarius don't mind roughing it, if it means getting away on vacation. They like hanging out in their own back yard and exploring places that feel comfortable.

Sagittarius' perfect winter vacation this year is to Arizona where they can experience the true west - from hospitality to the Sonaran Desert. They may rent a camper or go on a road trip to see the Grand Canyon in the off season winter months to see its beauty covered in snow.


Capricorn doesn't mind the snow at all but also loves a cozy cabin and a fireplace. They would rather take an evening in with a good book or a Netflix show while thinking about skiing or another winter activity.

Capricorn's perfect winter vacation is to Banff National Park in Alberta Canada where they can rent a cozy cabin, go heli skiing, watch wildlife and explore the Canadian Rockies via a multitude of winter activities sure to warm the travelling spirit.


Aquarius loves the water, from beach fronts to river streams. They like a little luxury but can get wild and crazy depending on the day.

That is why Jamaica is the perfect vacation for Aquarius this winter. They will enjoy the water activities and get a little wild with the locals when it is time to party.


Pisces are known to go with the flow. It doesn't matter where they are, or what they are doing they naturally know how to enjoy themselves.

Pisces perfect winter vacation this year is to Palm Springs, California where they can spend lazy afternoons beside a pool while thinking about shopping and hanging out with locals. They will drive to Joshua Tree National Monument and enjoy the dark skies and the bright stars.

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