Xenses Theme Park Mexico Visitor's Guide

Updated: Sep 28

Xenses Theme Park is an indoor and outdoor theme park designed to interact with your senses providing the sense of fear, excitement, wonder, illusion, calm, tranquility and humor.

Xenses is one of the newest theme parks in the Maya Riviera Mexico and is easily accessible from Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and Tulum all inclusive hotels.

The theme park is very unusual and is filled with optical illusions and areas in which your senses can be tested. As you enter the change room and washrooms you will start to notice, things aren't quiet what they seem and you will be laughing and confused right from the beginning.

There are 14 activities to do at Xenses Park as well as 50 sites and features down two main pathways. There are a lot of photo opportunities here and we suggest you purchase the wrist band to have automatic photos taken at certain key points. The cameras are all lined up perfectly to capture each illusion.

Xenses will take about 2 to 3 hours to complete if you want to do everything, but it can be done in under two hours if you are pressed for time.

The first path will take you into a colonial town designed to challenge your sense of balance and direction, and you will lose here and feel utterly freaked out when nothing is as it seems.

Up is down, down is up, upside down is right side up etc. It appears as if you just had too much Tequila!

After the town you get to cool off in an amazingly fast water slide called The Slip. Here you will barrel down a water slide into complete darkness and then exit forcefully into a cave pool.

As your heart pumps you are taken to The Bird Flight, where you are placed into a full harness and zip line head first down and around a pathway flying like a bird!

You exit the Bird Flight and now your journey into calmer activities begin.

Inside the underground complex you dip into a river system in a salt water cave where you float slowly down feeling completely relaxed.

The next activity is going to make you even more relaxed. Here you dip inside The Sludgerie, an underground river that is filled with warm, wet clay. You slide down the river at a very slow pace and listen to relaxing instrumental music.

After you exit the Sludgerie you enter a cave system called Xuana, where you are rinsed off and dry off with hot air and are ready to take the next path which leads to the Xensatorium.

You walk into a man-made tunnel in complete darkness and only have limited senses to guide you. When you exit you will be greeted by an amazing view.

Typically, this excursion is allotted for a half day and as such no food and water is provided so it is important to either bring our own or pick some up at he snack bar onsite. The snack bar was priced moderately high, and the food seemed to take a very long time to get get made.

Our excursion gave us enough time to go through the entire circuit twice, but we could have gone through probably six more times as they give you a lot of time to explore and hang out.

Xenses is located next to Xcaret and Xplor on the Chetumal - Puerto Juárez Federal Highway in the Riviera Maya. It is located 45 miles from Cancun and 3.7 miles from Playa del Carmen.

You can get here on your own as they have free parking.

The cost is 1180 Pesos or $63 USD for adults. You can add a photopass for yourself or your family for an additional $55 USD. There are discounts for children and the park can get you transportation if needed.

This theme park is great for couples looking for fun as well as those with families as the entire experience is best shared!

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