You'd rather be in Corona Virus self-isolation / Quarantine than visit these tourist locations!

Updated: Sep 28

There are some tourist traps and locations that are just so ridiculous that we know you would rather be sitting on your couch in self-isolation and quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic than visit.

Here is out list of the worst places to visit, pandemic or not!

1. Nuclear Waste Adventure Trail and Museum, Weldon Spring, Missouri

Because why wouldn't you want to frolic on a mound of nuclear waste? No really, this 75ft-tall pile is made up of 1.5 million cubic yards of entombed hazardous waste. Apparently, there was a uranium ore processing plant on the site until 1966.

Abandoned for 20 years, U.S. Department of Energy finally decided to cover it with a pile of rocks.

The "Adventure Trail" to nowhere.

Today you can visit the "adventure" trail and museum and climb a pile of rocks and stare at absolutely nothing.

Recommended stay, no longer than 20 minutes.

2. The World's Largest Brick, Montgomery, Alabama

What a site! A giant brick. That's it! And technically it lost its giant brick status because an even bigger brick was built in Denton, Texas. But the lies to this impressive roadside attraction continue. It is not really a giant brick as it is just a bunch of little bricks built up to resemble a giant brick.

The Amazing Not World's Largest Statue made of Bricks.

3. Nebraska Rest Area, Box Butte, Nebraska

Driving through Nebraska you might be pressed to find an abundance of tourist attractions but Nebraska has doubled down and made a tourist attraction out of a Rest Area. Families will find that the washroom is non-flushing, but there is free wifi available and a lookout tower. Well, not really. It is just a lazy-boy chair propped up on some hay bails. I would not recommend visiting at night and I would be armed at all times.

World Famous Rest Area and Lookout Tower

4. The World's Largest Ball of Paint, Alexandria, Indiana

How do you turn a 5-ounce baseball into a 2.5-ton tourist attraction? Cover it in more than 24,000 coats of paint. That’s what an Indiana father and his son started doing in 1977. Today, their creation lives in a barn on the family property and is readily available for viewing by anyone who barely values their own existence.

Star at the ball of paint for hours or days!

5. World's Only International Vinegar Museum, Roslyn, South Dakota

Curated by Lawrence "Vinegarman" Diggs with displays of vinegar and vinegar products from across the globe. It opened in 1999 and serves not only as the only International Vinegar Museum, but the only museum in the world dedicated to vinegar.

Here you can take your family to sample different vinegars until your stomach bleeds.

The very warm and inviting building housing vinegar! We don't know why the windows are sealed.

6. Bunnyhenge, Newport Beach, California

Drawing on ancient wisdom and providing healing energies and insight into world's beyond ours, Bunnyhenge offers 14 larger-than-life statues of white bunnies placed in a circle. Here you will be able to meditate and clear your chakras using the ancient white bunny energy.

Experience the Ancient Energies of Bunnies!

7. Nothing, Nothing, Arizona

Why not take a week long vacation and do nothing, in Nothing, Arizona? Wonder around and see an abandoned taxi cab half buried in the desert. Look into the cages of Copperheads - where you can see pennies. Then look a the abandoned gas station and do nothing else. What an ideal vacation spot! And if you are thinking there is nothing here, there is a new sign that states that in the future PIZZA PARTIES will be held on site. Plan ahead so you are not disappointment.

Future site of Pizza Parties! Nothing Arizona!

8. Cowboy Town, South Dakota

Cowboy Town is an old west replica town filled with horrific animatronic mannequins who move and speak...kind of. The mannequins are in varying stages of decay. Some may still move or make noises that resemble speaking - others don't do much other than stare at visitors. The worst of the worst is Abe Lincoln giving a speech and the singing gorilla (check out the video below).

9. Gopher Hole Museum, Torrington, Alberta

Here is a cheap vacation to take your hole family to as it only costs a couple bucks to get in and once in - you gaze upon creepy dioramas of dead gophers dressed up in clothing and performing daily duties like playing golf, or sending a letter at the post office.

Spend hours marvelling at the dead gophers

10. Crater of Diamonds State Park, Arkansas

Sounds interesting doesn't it? The only place in the United States that you can pubically dig for diamonds. Opened in 1906, the park is now just a big pile of dirt. Enjoy!

Dig in the mud for hours for nothing at all!

We've hoped you enjoyed taking a tour of our top locations in which you are better of on your couch in self isolation and quarantine. We hope this article finds you safe and healthy and we also hope that once this all blows over you will once again find the joy of travel.

For now we are all couch surfing the Internet dreaming of travel and vacations.

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